Summerwind Riding Arena Mirrors

Inspired by customers‘ wishes, Summerwind is now offering a thoughtfully designed riding arena mirror. These mirrors stand out due to their largely distortion-free reflection. Summerwind Riding Arena Mirrors are designed for indoor and outdoor use, consist of high-quality crystal safety glass and have a comparatively high impact and shock resistance. Safety first! If a mirror should happen to break after all, the shards stick to the back wall.

Summerwind Riding Arena Mirrors have an insulated back and, if requested, can be equipped with an integrated mirror heating system. The hard-foam back and the heating system prevent the mirror from fogging or icing up. The robust plastic frame is available in various decors, e.g. wood or aluminum, at no additional charge. By using high-quality synthetic materials, we make sure that the riding arena mirror’s frame will not warp due to temperature changes. This means that unlike a wooden frame, it doesn’t have to be re-painted regularly, and cleaning is a snap, using only water and conventional cleaners.

The standard-sized Summerwind Riding Arena Mirrors, including frames, are ca. 2.12 m high and between 1.12 m and 6.12 m wide. Of course, if required, a completely individual mirror size with frame can be cut and tilted. In this way, everything from a single mirror to a track corner mirror at the short side up to completely covering the long side with mirrors is possible.

By request, a mirror cover for the Summerwind Riding Arena Mirror is also available. Mirror covers are especially important in riding arenas where horses can run free or where young horses are lunged. Our mirror cover is characterized by extraordinary surface stability and sustainable solidity. This is achieved by a higher coating thickness above the thread back. The surface of the riding arena mirror cover is extraordinarily level and dirt-resistant. The cover of the Summerwind Riding Arena Mirror is rail-mounted. This prevents the cover from being lifted up by wind; it won’t warp or tear. Aesthetic and practical standards are also satisfied. The mirror cover is available in five different colors and is operated electrically.