The new Summerwind hay steamer for round bales

The field of horse health has always had a high priority for Summerwind. Additionally to our newest product developement, the Summerwind  sole box, we will soon launch another important product treading the topic of cough and respiratory diseases.

Expected to be ready for production within this summer, Summerwind presents an innovative hay steamer, that will be produced due to the customer`s wishes.

The steaming of hay is a very easy and at the same time effective solution against couphing that is triggered by dust. But only a few hay steamers can generate big quantities of germ-free and dust-free hay in a short time.

In contrast to most hay steamers on the market, the Summerwind hay steamer is made for bigger stables, that have to steam large quantities of hay and therefore need a high performance hay steamer.

The Summerwind hay steamer can steam round bales up to a size of 1,60m diameter within 3 hours. The hay steamer produces a temperature of round about 90 degrees celsius.

After the steaming process the hay should be feeded within 48 hours. Therefore the hay steamer is suitable for stables with at least 35 horses. Ideally all horses should be feeded with the steamed hay, so the dust, mold and fungal spores are completly banned out of the stable .

Informieren Sie sich gerne vorab über die neueste Entwicklung aus den Hause Summerwind.

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