Summerwind Horse Blanket Dryer

Summerwind has revolutionized the horse blanket dryer. Conventional electric blanket driers only heat up the horse blankets to dry them. In contrast, the Summerwind Horse Blanket Dryer uses warm air that is conducted through a stainless-steel pipe. In this way, moisture is wicked away from the horse blanket by way of the open sides in an effective and energy-saving manner. The foldable dryer takes up very little space in the stable aisle or the tack room. Every dryer works as a stand-alone unit, which means that any number of horse blanket dryers can be placed side by side. In the folded-up position, saddle pads or other riding equipment can be dried quickly and easily. A timer switch for setting individual drying durations is included.

But the Summerwind Horse Blanket Dryer can also be used to preheat stable blankets in the winter. The horses no longer have to endure clammy blankets on their backs that can make them tense and uncomfortable.

Speeding up the drying process of horse blankets has other advantages, too. Germs feel particularly at home in moist blankets, which is why slowly dried horse blankets often smell very bad. The quick drying process can keep the rapid proliferation of germs in check.

The Summerwind Horse Blanket Dryer stands out due to its easy handling, solid and robust materials and extraordinarily low maintenance requirements.

Functional Description

The Summerwind Horse Blanket Dryer is equipped with two high-powered fans that suck in cold ambient air into a pressure chamber. There, the air is heated and then conducted through a big dryer pipe. This pipe has air outlets that conduct the warm air between the horse blankets.

  • Rapid, gentle drying process
  • Blankets don't stick together
  • Can also be used to dry other riding equipment
  • Easy to install
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Dependable and energy-efficient

Information and Pricing

Technical Specifications


Total weight

ca.80 kg

Power connection

220 Volt

Power input

ca. 1400 Watt


250 cm


14 cm


95 cm

Prices are subject to VAT.


Summerwind Horse Blanket Dryer

940,00 €

Stainless steel pipe system

Zinc-coated steel support system

Timer switch

Overheating protection

Supplied ready for plug-in


Transportation costs within Germany (Islands by request)

100 €


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